Casa de Mateus Foundation, a cultural center in the north of the country.

Through the “A Cultura em Diálogo” cycle, begun on 3 December 1977, the Fundação has aimed to institutionalise, in a region that was particularly destitute at  that time, dialogue about, around and within culture.

In the years that have passed since then, numerous Seminars and Meetings have been organised, many by the Fundação itself, others by those associated with us.

These have debated very varied aspects of Portuguese society and the most pressing local and national needs.

In the scientific field, 1986 saw the founding, with the support of all the Public Universities and Scientific Academies in Portugal, of the Instituto Internacional Casa de Mateus, which every year organises and hosts international seminars at Mateus, bringing together researchers from a wide range of countries to discuss matters of common interest.

In these ways in the cultural field, the Fundação has fulfilled the mission that it embarked on in 1977. More importantly for this House and those who live for it and this Region, an unparalleled cultural and human contribution has been made by those who have passed through here and have shared with us the subjects debated here, the music heard and experienced here, the poetry declaimed here, and the painting, sculpture and carving viewed here.

The friendships established with so many people and the generous donation of their time has been of immense value. Without these, everything would have been so much less rich.

We hope, with the help of those who form this extended family of Mateus and others who wish to join us, to continue to try to fulfil the responsibilities that D. Francisco de Albuquerque entrusted to us when he established this Foundation.