Since 1973, the Delegate Director of the Casa de Mateus Foundation is D. Fernando de Sousa Botelho Albuquerque, son of D. Francisco, who starts on December 3, 1977, with the cycle “Culture in Dialogue”,the activities of the  Foundation.

Since that date, the Foundation has realized events that meet the cultural, artistic, educational and scientific purposes for which they were established, set forth in art. 3 of its bylaw.

As far as cultural activity is concerned, the FCM has organized since 1977 seminars with national relevance on matters such as economics, politics and health, among others. In addition to the seminars, the Casa de Mateus Foundation also has since 1979 International Music Courses and, since 1985 the Casa de Mateus Music Festival, which is very prestigious worldwide. Among the usual cultural activities, there is also a course on collective poetry translation seminars and award delivery of the D. Dinis Literary Prize.

In the field of scientific activity, the Casa de Mateus Foundation presides over the Casa de Mateus International Institute, created in 1986, of which Portuguese Academies, Universities and Scientific Institutes are members.