Raquel Cravino, violin. She was born in the city of Covilhã and started in music at the age of 5 at the Regional Music Conservatory of Covilhã, in piano and ballet. Under the guidance of Professor António Oliveira e Silva, she studied violin at the Professional Arts School of Beira Interior for six years. In 2002 she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in the Academia Nacional Superior de Orquestra (ANSO), in the class of Professor Ágnes Sárosi. She holds a Master’s degree in Pedagogy of the Instrument, at ANSO / Universidade Lusíada, under the guidance of Professor Aníbal Lima. She has conducted several courses in violin and chamber music with Joyce Tan, Sergey Kravchencko, Angelique Loyer, Gerardo Ribeiro, Augustin Dumay, Boris Kuniev, Jan Dobrelevky, Vladimir Ovcharech, James Dahlgren, Gilles Apap and Alexandre da Costa. Her interest in Early Music led her to improve her knowledge of the Baroque violin by attending master classes with Enrico Onofri, Richard Gwild, Vittorio Ghielmi, Francesca Viccari and Chiara Banchini. As a freelancer, she has performed concerts with the Metropolitan Orchestra of Lisbon, Chamber Orchestra of Cascais and Oeiras; and has an active participation in various artistic projects of ancient music – Baroque Orchestra of the Casa da Música – Oporto, Flores de Música, Músicos dos Tejo, La Nave Va, Capela Real. She has been teaching since 2002 as a violin teacher at the Metropolitan Conservatory of Music in Lisbon and at the School of Music of the National Conservatory of Lisbon. He is a founding member of the Quarteto Arabesco.